November 27, 2021

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Blue Robot and fb marketing and collaborator Kyle Ostuejan

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Blue Robot and fb marketing and collaborator Kyle Ostuejan

Blue Robot and fb marketing and collaborator Kyle Ostuejan

The Advertising and Marketing Administrator of the Month is Blue Robot, a corporation that gives you collaborative messaging and interactive agency adventures for brands around the world. Kyle Ostuejan, COO, discusses the qualifications of a Facebook marketing assistant and what benefits there are for the enterprise and its customers.

Tell us a bit about Digitized Robotics.

Blue Robotics is an advertising and chime automation company that provides experience, chatbots and technical features on systems like Facebook and WhatsApp.

We visit offices across South Africa, Kenya and the UK, and we provide the capabilities of manufacturers worldwide as we collaborate on Facebook advertising in technical activities.

Our partnership is remarkably effective, as it indicates that Facebook believes in providing accurate advice to our clients and providing a safe environment in which users can engage.

Working with the Facebook team allows us to align their perspectives so that we develop into a uniform curriculum. Collaborative brands, and the qualities, abilities that we have, we always work within precise practice.

We have been able to get advice directly from Facebook as a way to enhance the user experience in response to the most effective practices in other markets. Subsequently, our customers are the winners as a result of the benefits from our and Facebook’s expertise.

What kind of propaganda blue robotics is going on?

We must have worked together on a summary of the first-rate campaign:Adidas ‘Pride Recruitment’ | Promoting new artfact consciousness.To raise awareness about the latest releases of Adidas’ Predator Soccer boots, we’ve created a WhatsApp hotline to help amateur football groups replace lost elite gamers at the last minute.

Throughout the WhatsApp chatbot, clients may ask a participant to help them with non-league games. What clients didn’t know was that high-profile participant Kaka would show off their non-league video games. Because of Belvedere’s encryption, users can easily share their details, so WhatsApp is transformed into a suitable fit.

On the day of the online game, players including Kaka – became convinced and it had a lot of dialogue and Kaka gained world media insurance on Facebook and Capturing, Medium Accessories, CreativeMoint, Sports Bible, Sky Sports and Minimum.

There are thousands of online references inside the account of the reality discovered through platforms related to the Crusades. It has probably become a widely publicized campaign and it has become all-encompassing potential through the WhatsApp chatbot.

Telecom Kenya | Convenient general purchase

Telecom wanted to create a belvedere that would allow users to perform simple and repetitive activities such as buying airtime. We created a WhatsApp chatbot, which enables users to do just that.

All Out India | The consciousness of the dengue movement

We have partnered with All Out India to present a training chatbot agent. Bot aims to teach Americans in that area about dengue fever, to help reduce the cost of infection, and to suggest drug alternatives.

Teaching people about illnesses like dengue fever is problematic because as a result no one reads about them actively – of course in adolescence. Using Facebook Agent we can target clients on a platform where they knew comfort and were already tempted and looking at daily content.

An annoying read about dengue fever on an FB agent chatbot translates to a higher conversion in reality than analyzing in an online article. Also, in terms of offering information in an accessible framework, the promotion was an outstanding success.

Supersport | Wisdom holds the right rugby apple cup

Rugby Apple Cup in Supersport requires a quiz belveda to stress the busyness and fancy of different people. The purpose turned out to be to create excitement around the show by using the audience to enjoy and thrill the supersport and capture the true adventure of the intellect.

Creating excitement and apprehension is a great way to create energy philosophy. Collectively, we came up with the idea of ​​a quiz here. We are determined to make this quiz harder – in the same way a hard rugby enthusiast will fight to accept.

We’ve got a lot of loyal users. About forty% of them came back down to like the quiz again. Clients spend an average of three minutes greedily with Supersport – a long dialogue to get it! In fact, the excitement and excitement that we left behind worked towards the use of fear throughout the Rugby World Cup.

In conclusion, only one person got for the quiz. What is behind the success of the dull robot?

The blue robot promises a hospitable messaging and interactive experience for brands across Apple.

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